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Maintenance of soil cover (using either a previous crop residue or specifically growing a cover crop for this purpose) is a possibility.

🌽 Covering the soil reduces the number of weed seeds and suppresses weed growth.
🌽 Covering the soil reduces erosion in the top layer of fertile soil.
🌽 Maintaining soil cover conserves soil moisture, especially in dry regions.
🌽 For smallholder farmers, it is recommended to use cover crops that can also act as sources of food.

Effective and sustainable Fall Army Worm (FAW) management requires action. Let's ACT NOW!!

Apart from weather variability, the occurrence of pests and diseases is one of the main reasons for yield loss in farm business. When conditions are humid, diseases can easily develop, while the direction of migratory pests is among other things controlled by wind direction and rainfall patterns.

Let’s work together as we help farmers fight FAW on their fields.

🐛Apply control measures when two (2) FAW caterpillars are seen or when two (2) or more plants are affected
🐛Handpick and destroy egg masses and caterpillars
🐛Apply recommended organic products e.g. Maltodextrin, Ethyl palmitate, Neem-based products, etc
🐛Apply recommended microbial insecticides eg. Bacillus thuringiensis
🐛Rotate recommended insecticides with different modes of action for resistance management
🐛During spraying, target the caterpillar in the whorl (the middle point of the plant)
🐛Spray early in the morning (before 9:00 am) and/or after 4:00pm

Government Urged to Design Policies to Improve Agric

13 September 2019
Government Urged to Design Policies to Improve Agric

Government has been urged to design national strategies and formulate policies for farmers to enable them adopt conservative agricultural practices, which are climate resilient. Madam Jocelyn G. Brown Hall, the...

Smallholder Farmers in Amanchia Trained in Conservation Agriculture

13 September 2019
 Smallholder Farmers in Amanchia Trained in Conservation Agriculture

  The Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (GASIP) has held a five-day training programme for smallholder farmers on sustainable farming through the adoption of conservation agriculture at Amanchia in the...

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