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GASIP’s goal is to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction in rural areas of Ghana and its dev...

✅Mulching creates pleasant conditions for crop growth, especially for dry season cropping.
✅This includes moisture and soil conservation 🔸 temperature moderation reduction in soil compaction🔸 erosion, salinity and weed control etc.
✅Material such as grass, leaves, rice straw and hull, maize husk, groundnut hulls, wood shavings, and livestock manure make fine mulch.
✅ Generally, organic materials that will eventually rot and enrich the soil are best, so farmers can look around their surroundings for mulching materials.
✅ Mulching presents an opportunity for a farmer to make use of waste materials for providing better growing conditions for crops, and at the same time saving labour.

✅ Dry season vegetable farming can bring substantial additional income and provide supplementary food for household consumption.
✅ Water-smart strategies in crop production such as drip irrigation, mulching, composting, cover cropping, cultivating drought-tolerant species among others are more than critical at this period.
✅Following GASIP support to selected communities by the provision of solar-mechanized boreholes and water storage facilities:
 👉🏾 We entreat all supported District Department of Agriculture to facilitate the process of creating water distribution systems in the Conservation Agriculture fields.
👉🏾 We expect Agricultural Extension Agents (AEAs) to lead the other supported groups in developing their own mechanisms system of ensuring full coverage of water on the 2-acre land.
👉🏾 Click here to download a document that can assist interested AEAs in setting up the water distribution systems
👉🏾 Interested Districts can also contact the Crop Officer Adams on 054 044 4449 for technical assistance in this regard.

Government Urged to Design Policies to Improve Agric

13 September 2019
Government Urged to Design Policies to Improve Agric

Government has been urged to design national strategies and formulate policies for farmers to enable them adopt conservative agricultural practices, which are climate resilient. Madam Jocelyn G. Brown Hall, the...

Smallholder Farmers in Amanchia Trained in Conservation Agriculture

13 September 2019
 Smallholder Farmers in Amanchia Trained in Conservation Agriculture

  The Ghana Agricultural Sector Investment Programme (GASIP) has held a five-day training programme for smallholder farmers on sustainable farming through the adoption of conservation agriculture at Amanchia in the...

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